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Calderdale Council has partnered with us to realise a minimum of 20% reduction in carbon emissions across a number of Council buildings every year.

The Energy Performance Contract (EPC) between Calderdale Council and SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions was brokered by public sector support agency Local Partnerships by utilising the National RE:FIT framework. The project will see SSE upgrading the energy assets of a number of Council buildings in order to minimise carbon emissions and significantly reduce energy and other operating costs. The circa £1.5m – £2m contract for Phase 1 of the project will include a guarantee by SSE to reduce energy and carbon emissions by at least 20%. The cost will be covered by reductions to energy bills.

Phase 1 will commence later this year and take a few months to complete in 14 buildings. There is an option to proceed with further phases including any Council-owned building or land.

SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions is at the forefront of optimising energy performance for public and private sector customers, being one of a select group of energy service companies to be part of the national RE:FIT framework. Suppliers on the framework are chosen for their excellence in providing energy efficiency and generation measures.

The range of measures will be tailored to suit the needs of Calderdale Council and will include a host of low and zero carbon technologies such as new efficient boilers, optimised ventilation and air condition equipment, solar PV, building energy management systems (BEMS), a special software to manage ICT energy use (e.g. computers and printers), an energy analytics package and water saving technologies.

In addition to the significant energy savings, the partnership will stimulate local economic growth as SSE will seek to involve and provide opportunities to the local supply chain within the borough of Calderdale, Leeds City Region and wider West Yorkshire Combined Authority regions.

Mark Thompson, Calderdale Council’s Director of Economy and Environment, said:

“This exciting scheme will help to meet the Council’s target to reduce its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020. We’re pleased to be working with SSE to achieve major cost savings and introduce new ways to help protect the environment.

“Initially we’re prioritising our buildings with the highest energy costs, but in the future we will also be looking at wider opportunities, including exploring the possibility of generating renewable energy on other Council property.”

Vicky Kingston, Project Director, National RE:FIT Programme, said:

“Local Partnerships is pleased to support Calderdale Council with their new RE:FIT Project and the selection of SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions, who will be delivering energy efficiency and energy generation technologies across several Council sites.  The project is set to deliver substantial energy and more importantly, cash savings for the Council, a model that all councils should be looking to replicate.”

Kevin Greenhorn, Managing Director of SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Calderdale Council and Local Partnerships under the tried and tested RE:FIT framework. As a trusted Energy Performance Contracting partner, SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions is committed to provide the highest standards of service by installing measures which will allow our customers to optimise their buildings and save a lot of money, energy and carbon in the process. The projected savings speak for themselves and clearly demonstrate how smart technology can revolutionise the local infrastructure by doing more for less.”

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