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Brexit, budget cuts and the challenge of doing more for less all contribute to the ever growing uncertainties that Local Authorities face. If we're not careful though, these uncertainties can cause a paralysis that ultimately leads to nothing getting done, little service improvement and no room for innovation.

You just end up fighting fires and reacting all the time.

Our experience in the public sector tells us that times are changing. You need to do more for less, and it isn’t only about cost reduction but also about income generation. We’re seeing departments such as Energy and Estates teams actively given a financial target to reduce costs and generate income, as well as achieving significant reductions in carbon emissions.

Doing this in a risk averse organisation, with little resource and a changing seascape, sounds an impossible task. But if you take a fresh approach to managing and optimising your energy and estate assets, things are not as impossible as they first appear.

What if you could:

  • reduce cost?
  • reduce carbon emissions?
  • generate income?
  • get all this contractually guaranteed?
  • pass on much of the risk to others?
  • create jobs and grow the low carbon economy?
  • break the cycle of fighting austerity and ever growing budget cuts?

They’re good questions, right? But the answers are more interesting, and if my time in working for a local authority as an employee and service provider is worth anything, then I’m absolutely sure the above is achievable.

In fact, I know it is.

An Energy Performance Contract (EPC) can make a big difference to Local Authorities by funding improvements that can reduce energy consumption.

Our dedicated EPC team can create bespoke contracts that tackle your buildings’ energy efficiency challenges and deliver guaranteed energy savings. Most importantly, the savings will more than cover your initial capital investment

It’s a solution that minimises your risks and improves the performance of your buildings and equipment while giving you a guaranteed return.

You might have to think or do some things differently. You might not. But if you’re interested to know my thoughts on some of those what if questions, and more importantly where we have achieved this, get in touch and we can discuss it all over a cup of coffee!

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