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The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is the UK response to an EU directive to increase energy efficiency, improve business profits and competitiveness, and mitigate climate change. Today, no matter the outcome of Brexit, you will still be required to submit your data and conform.

It’s important because it’s the UK Government’s way of helping reduce global warming by ensuring large, private sector organisations contribute to its energy reduction targets.

The regulations require that an ESOS audit is carried out every four years. The period of time that we’re currently in is called phase 2, and to comply with this everyone* must submit data covering a 12-month period that includes December 2018. This means that if you have already collected a year’s data including December 2018 you can now submit your entry and get it off your tick list. Or, if you’ve not completed your year’s collection, now’s the time to ensure you’ve started and are on track – with December 2018 included. The final deadline is the 5th December 2019, but why wait?

What happens when you get ESOS wrong?

In Phase 1, only 16% of businesses managed to get ESOS right. A further 75% were compliant but only after remedial action from the Environment Agency.

Hundreds of enforcement notices were served against organisations that failed to comply or were late with their Compliance Notification.

ESOS is serious business and can see financial penalties upward of £50,000 for fraudulent or non-compliance.

How SSE Energy Solutions can help you with ESOS?

As one of the UK’s leading providers of energy strategy and optimisation, we can help you manage your ESOS implementation, and take it to the next level.

We can offer you:

  • An assessment service that takes the pressure off and adds real value to the process
  • A full, comprehensive ESOS audit and report which complies with British and International standards BS EN 16247 and ISO50002
  • Energy optimisation experts that implement your ESOS recommendations in full, including designing and installing building energy management controls
  • Lead Assessors qualified through professional bodies approved by the Environment Agency
  • Access to the full range of industry-leading expertise, experience and resources within the SSE group
  • Strategic energy advice and a trusted partner.

Don’t wait till December, tick it off your list today

We’re here to help you get ESOS delivered right, while also adding real value to your energy strategy. Why not talk to our team of ESOS experts today to understand the benefits to your business and let SSE guide you through the process?


* Only companies that fit within either of these two criteria must comply:

  1. Employ more than 250 people.
  2. Have annual turnover in excess of £38.9m and your annual balance sheet is more than £33.5m.

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