When people refer to “Utilities”, they generally mean electricity, gas, and water; things that are necessary for normal life. However, increasingly, a broadband connection to the Internet is being seen as the fourth utility. Whilst not exactly essential in the home, by facilitating access to video streaming services during this long and difficult period of lockdown, a good broadband connection helps to make life easier, especially if you have teenagers at home.

Broadband: The Fourth Utility

A broadband connection can also help to make your place of work safer by allowing building services to be managed remotely, reducing the need for people to be on-site to maintain essential services.

Up to 90% of BeMS issues can be identified and fixed remotely using Remote Optimal™

This significantly reduces the need for engineers to be on-site and therefore correspondingly reduces the risk of infection to your building occupants and our staff.

Remote Optimal

Is an integrated system providing remote monitoring, visualisation, optimisation, and control of;

  • BeMS systems;
  • Various sensor types;
  • Energy consumption;
  • Assets;

The benefits of Remote Optimal include

  • Reduced infection risk
  • Enhanced occupant experience and comfort;
  • 24/7 Support;
  • Lower energy consumption;
  • Reduced carbon footprint/CO2 levels;
  • Well-being and productivity.

Our Energy Management Centre is connected to you remotely and staffed by energy and BeMS specialists who monitor your site and act upon insights generated, as well as regular reporting and alarm escalation, to allow you to concentrate on your core activities – safely.

For more information about managing your building safely with Remote Optimal, call us on 0345 072 9529, or email us at info@sseenergyoptimisation.co.uk



Andrew is Product Manager at SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions. He has worked in marketing for 30 years and has a PhD in chemistry from the University of Durham.

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