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Remote Optimal is where the IoT starts to combat energy usage, utilise connected devices and how buildings operate and use energy.

Technology is transforming the way we live and work faster than you can say ‘computer turn on the lights in the office’. At SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions, we’ve been working hard to make these advances beneficial to business. The result is Remote Optimal  – an online platform that can transform how your business thinks, uses and takes advantage of energy and the buildings it powers.

An introduction to Remote Optimal

Remote Optimal is a self-service application, or a fully managed service that gives businesses a new relationship with their buildings and their energy. It’ll help them see that buildings can actually help build a whole company’s performance – by optimising everything from energy costs and machine usage to the environments people work, play and live in. It’ll help them be – and be seen to be – environmentally conscious.

So how does it work?

We’ve teamed up with global ICT companies, leading BEMS manufacturers and open source products and gateways to produce one simple, combined and intuitive platform. Working together and enabling physical objects to talk to computers, lighting controls, access controls, security, lifts, footfall/occupancy and room booking can now all talk to each other. This isn’t just a gadget. Businesses that invest in Operational Technology alignment will become more efficient by reducing operating costs including energy usage, machine maintenance and down time.

Here’s what our customers think

To name just a few, we can see that the UK’s NHS, universities and major retail clients are all are looking for a clear understanding of how and where energy is being used in their buildings.

For example, one ‘Large Clothing Retailer’ has said that having one platform across their entire estate will give them a clearer picture of high and low energy consumption. It’ll allow them to see peaks and troughs, identify faults and track out of hours use.

As another example, we see a large UK superstore uses our Remote Optimal Platform to keep their customers comfortable come rain or shine. And everything in-between. They can change settings for up to 500 stores at the push of a keyboard – optimising their instore environment for winter and summer. They can also reduce usage by using our Global tools and autocorrect features.

Plus, many universities already use our services and tools to gain a better understanding and control of multiple buildings and systems. Our Remote Optimal platform gives them a clear overview of objectives and outcomes and can provide insights into new strategies and ways to save energy.

How do we deliver this?

In a word – smoothly. We have a state-of-the-art Energy Management Centre in Glasgow plus eight support centres based strategically around the UK. This, combined with our technological expertise and experienced engineers means we’re ideally placed to help Facilities and Building Managers streamline their energy usage.

The benefits of Remote Optimal are far-reaching. It provides:

  • Proactive building system management by a team of experts working remotely in the Energy Management Centre (EMC) in Glasgow
  • Analytics which give insights and an overview of all a building’s energy systems
  • Advanced tools to control, monitor, and reduce energy usage
  • An overall improvement in energy performance, staff productivity, visitor wellbeing, and customer experience.

At SSE we are ideally placed with both the means and the technology to support Facilities and Building Managers, as they take advantage of all these exciting new possibilities. We’re here to help companies with BEMS manage the initial data upload and understand how to refine this information into understandable, bite-sized outputs.

If you’d like to talk about how Remote Optimal could help you, we’re always delighted to chat. We can do it the old-fashioned way over the phone on 0345 072 9529 or you can email us here.

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