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Monitor, manage and optimise your building and energy efficiency with our remote support service

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In order for your business to run smoothly, it’s essential that the buildings you rely on are safe, comfortable and working efficiently. It’s also important to know that should any problems develop, they can be identified and addressed as quickly as possible.

That’s why we’ve invested heavily in our Energy Management Centre. It remotely connects to thousands of sites all over the UK, constantly monitoring and managing our customers’ building control systems to ensure that each property is operating efficiently.

From our experience, we know that 85% of building control related problems can be fixed remotely. And with round-the-clock monitoring, we can quickly identify issues that can’t be corrected online and dispatch an engineer from one of our nine regional operational centres who’ll be at your door typically within four hours.

We combine historical and real-time data with a deep understanding of each building to identify further efficiencies. We also look out for irregularities in energy use, anticipating problems and responding immediately.

Our comprehensive Building Energy Management System (BEMS) support means your business is less subject to downtime, with fewer issues which could affect your staff, your customers, or your bottom line.

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Why choose our remote energy services?

  • Cost reduction

    Constant monitoring and management ensures that your buildings are operating efficiently at all times. Early identification of problems can also prevent costly repair bills.

  • Optimise working conditions

    Optimal conditions can be maintained at all times through constant monitoring and adjustment of building management systems. This ensures equipment functions properly and that staff comfort is maintained.

  • Bespoke solutions

    Our solutions are geared to your specific building. They work with all major Building Energy Management Systems and can integrate ICT energy management systems to ensure that all your equipment operates in the most energy efficient way.

  • Multi-site control

    We can monitor and control systems over multiple sites – including efficiency comparisons from site-to-site. We can integrate disparate systems onto one common platform to help you when interrogating your buildings.

  • Secure, managed platform

    Our connection to your site is secure and fully password protected so that you can leave your BEMS in our hands while you focus on your day-to-day business.

  • Identify savings opportunities

    Ongoing analysis of the data generated by your Building Energy Management System can help to identify further opportunities to save energy and, ultimately, money. This analysis can also increase the total lifecycle of your equipment by allowing vital maintenance to be identified when it’s needed.

  • Rapid troubleshooting

    Irregularities in energy consumption are frequently connected to functional problems. These can be identified automatically and flagged for further investigation.

  • Real time information and
    historical data analysis

    You can access historical and real time information across your estate and interrogate the data generated on an ongoing basis to develop plans for improvements.

Why choose us?

A safe and experienced energy partner

SSE has the resources and scale to tackle even the biggest and most complex projects anywhere in the UK. As well as our extensive, UK-based Energy Management Centre, we have a national network of engineers and technicians and a dedicated energy optimisation team. We have all the resources we need to monitor and maintain your buildings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Safety is a core value for us and we rigorously apply the highest safety standards in everything we do.

A responsible business

Our commitment to the highest standards of customer service means that we deliver on our promises, always putting your needs first. SSE is a standard bearer for corporate and social responsibility.

We insist on paying at least the Living Wage to all our employees. We’re also the only Fair Tax Mark accredited company in the FTSE 100.

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