Remote Optimal

Energy intelligence for a better world

Precision energy management for perfected built environments

With SSE Remote Optimal we make your buildings work harmoniously with all the people who use them. We do this by ensuring that each of your building’s physical assets are running as efficiently and effectively as possible. And we do this for you off site, all from our Energy Management Centre.

SSE Remote Optimal is a precision energy management solution for perfected built environments. Simply put, it is designed to give any business, wherever you are, a powerful way to make the living, working and operational environments of all your customers, people and machines as comfortable and efficient as they possibly can be.

What does Remote Optimal do?

Remote Optimal is designed to give you a great deal more for less:

  • A sustainable energy strategy that gives you transparent accountability and a way to set and reach your energy objectives.
  • Considerable reductions in the amount of energy you use and in operational spend.
  • A built environment that people find comfortable to be in: customers, staff and visitors, whose wellbeing you’ve properly taken care of.

Based in our Energy Management Centre (EMC), our experts will monitor, calibrate and then optimise your HVAC system. This lets you both maximise your energy savings and still achieve the optimal environmental conditions that ensure all your people always feel comfortable.

SSE Remote Optimal means that you are now able to control the energy management systems of your most diffuse, complex estates with much more finesse and precision to deliver tangible results.

Features and benefits

Enhanced customer experiences

Remote Optimal improves productivity and comfort.

  • Enhanced working environments
  • Better retail and customer interiors
  • Improved machine environments

Precision and accuracy

Remote Optimal measures all the data generated by your HVAC.

  • Analyses your business
  • Adapts to your business needs
  • Enhances the built environment subtly and measurably

Significant savings

Remote Optimal turns down needless power and fixes problems early.

  • Longer machine life and lower downtime
  • Minimal on-site intervention
  • Reduced carbon emissions

State-of-the-art control

Links your BEMS to our state-of-the-art EMC.

  • Monitor all activity
  • Individual alarms for all HVAC
  • Round the clock monitoring

Energy technologists

Remote Optimal from a team of experienced experts.

  • Strategic planners
  • HVAC engineering innovators
  • Solution designers
  • Completely scalable capability

Maximised security

Remote Optimal maximises security.

  • Integrated in major firms with sensitive data
  • Sector-wide government, NHS, industry

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