Remote Optimal

Your powerful energy optimisation platform

Circular diagram showing the different components of Remote Optimal

Improving business operations and customer experiences

The world of energy is changing fast, with new technology transforming the way we live and work, giving businesses the opportunity to improve their efficiency.

Remote Optimal is our new powerful energy optimisation platform, enabling less energy to power ever more improvements in your business operations and customer experiences.

Our IoT-enabled SAAS platform can be completely tailored to your individual business needs and will give you a powerful way to make living, working, and operational environments as efficient and comfortable as they can possibly be. We listen, adjust, and optimise your usage off-site from our Energy Management Centre.

What does Remote Optimal do?

Remote Optimal is designed to ensure that every piece of your building equipment runs as efficiently and effectively as possible:

The benefits include:

  • Proactive corrective action by our team of experts working remotely in the Energy Management Centre (EMC)
  • Buildings analytics that provide actionable insights of all your energy systems in one view
  • Advanced tools to control, monitor and reduce your energy consumption
  • An overall improvement in your staff, visitor and customer experience
  • Removes the need for resource while achieving higher returns.

Remote Optimal means that you are now able to control the energy management systems of your diverse, complex estates with ease to deliver tangible results.

Our new and innovative platform is comprised of three key parts – Insight, Assist, and Control – and is now available as a self-service application or a fully managed service.

Features and benefits

Optimal Insight – a single user interface for your built estate

  • Identify opportunities to save time, energy, carbon and money with Business Energy Intelligence (BEI)
  • Visualise consumption and trends
  • Identify problems and exceptions
  • View reports at the click of a button

Optimal Assist – more effective alerts

  • Prioritise critical incidents
  • Filter out nuisance alarms
  • Free up the Energy Management Centre (EMC) team to focus on energy saving interventions
  • Remote fixes where possible reduce on site labour
  • We fix on average 85% of customer issues remotely

Optimal Control – improve operational efficiency & wellbeing

  • Use building analytics to gain a complete understanding of your energy systems
  • Proactive corrective action by a team of experts in the EMC
  • Estate-wide plant performance

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