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Although The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead was purpose-built in 2009, just a few years after it opened, its management team chose to fund upgrades through a bespoke energy performance contract.


Maintaining a great indoor skiing experience all year round is an energy intensive business.

Building a clear picture of how energy was being used required a ‘deep dive’ into the centre’s existing energy data. That was then followed by an intensive site audit to gain a complete understanding of the building’s design and construction – particularly its lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration plant.

Our comprehensive solution generated average annual savings of 12.7% with guaranteed savings of £75,000 across the contract period.

Our challenge

Snow centres need to make fresh snow daily and maintain sub-zero ambient temperatures indoors whatever the season.

Our challenge was to maintain the centre’s standards while cutting electricity consumption by at least 5%, reducing their carbon footprint.

Solutions had to be introduced at no capital cost to the centre and an ongoing efficiency plan had to be developed.


The solution

Hemel Snow Centre’s EPC featured a range of energy saving measures without compromising the quality of the snow or any aspect of the customer experience.

There were upgrades to the refrigeration plant. The hydronic circuit was isolated and pump speed control was improved. Equipment operation was optimised as was voltage at the centre.

There was also an upgrade to more efficient LED lighting.

Stunning results

At 12.7%, the average annual saving far exceeded the original 5% target.

In addition to the guaranteed cash saving of £75,000 further savings were achieved.

By introducing new working practices and physical modifications, the centre now operates much more efficiently and enjoys ongoing savings as a result.

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