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Running your ICT estate has major cost implications. Could our free trial lead the way to significant, ongoing savings?

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In recent years, businesses have become more and more dependent on Information and Communications Technology (ICT). While ICT has transformed our working lives, it’s also added to corporate energy bills as more and more devices are brought into the network.

You can manage the power consumption of every device on your network – regardless off type or manufacturer – and cut your ICT energy costs by up to 35% with our software. It’s quick and easy to deploy, completely secure and, as it’s server-based, causes no disruption to the network.

By taking advantage of our free, one-month trial, we’ll be able to show you what’s happening on your network – and accurately project the savings you could make. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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Who is Energy ICT for?

  • Over 1,000 ICT assets on your network?

    Though our software works for any network, the system is geared to organisations with more than 1,000 devices connected.

  • A broad mix of connected assets?

    PCs, laptops, IP phones, printers, copiers, switches, wireless access points; you name it, if it’s on your network, we’ll log it, monitor it and manage it. We can also monitor non-ICT devices like vending machines and water coolers.

  • Multiple sites connected to the same network?

    Our Energy ICT solution can manage 1,000+ devices in the same building, and also works brilliantly across multiple sites.

  • Action plan to reduce energy consumption?

    Looking to reduce your consumption and committed to carbon reduction? Our Energy ICT solution will fit nicely in your plans.

Glasgow Schools Save a Million

Glasgow Schools Save a Million

We’ve already saved Glasgow City Council over £1 million.

Glasgow City Council’s ICT network stretches over more than 700 buildings. In its schools alone, the council operates over 19,000 ICT devices. Since installation in April 2014, our Energy ICT solution has saved the council more than £1 million, 10GWh of energy and 5,000 tons of CO2.

It doesn’t stop there, either. The system continues to manage the efficiency of the devices on the network, saving the council money each and every month.

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Energy innovation in six simple steps



We start by working together to assess the scale of your challenge, auditing your ICT estate, and your current usage and policies.



Using what we've learned, we can estimate your likely savings by comparing current usage to new opportunities.



Estimates aren't enough. We'll set up a free, one-month trial that will provide the hard data we need to define return-on-investment opportunities that dovetail with your energy and ICT goals.



Drawing on the trial data, we'll produce an executive level report with clear recommendations for change and policy improvements.



We'll then develop a simple, effective plan for technical and process development.



Finally, we'll deliver and fine tune your plan and build in ongoing reviews to ensure targets are being met.

Ready to save energy across your ICT estate?

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