We’ve already saved Glasgow City Council over £1 million.

We’ve already saved Glasgow City Council over £1 million.

Glasgow City Council’s ICT network stretches over more than 700 buildings. In its schools alone, the council operates over 19,000 ICT devices. Since installation in April 2014, our Energy ICT solution has saved the council more than £1 million, 10GWh of energy and 5,000 tons of CO2.


Saved since the product's installation in April 2014.

10 GWh

Less energy consumed across the Council's 700 buildings.

5,000 tons

Of carbon eliminated from the council's foorprint.

It doesn’t stop there, either. The system continues to manage the efficiency of the devices on the network, saving the council money each and every month.

A new approach to energy optimisation

Our success in Glasgow started with a trial in 29 secondary schools using over 9,000 devices. With the Energy ICT software running on a central server,we were able to build a clear picture of energy usage across the test estate with no impact on the user base. The pilot project successfully identified a 9% saving in energy and led to a roll out across the entire ICT estate.

Energy reporting and alarms

Energy ICT provides excellent reporting options. We can view live data from device level to the entire estate. Weekly summaries are produced showing savings in carbon, energy and pounds. Importantly, the system can also detect devices which show unusual energy consumption. That means technical issues can be easily detected and fixed by the ICT team.

Asset management

The software provides a full asset listing and can show the individual performance of each asset on the network. This valuable insight allows us to detect faults by identifying machines that have potential performance issues. It also allows customers to compare the performance of their current assets with new, more efficient devices – even allowing for modeling asset replacement through cost savings.

Monitoring energy efficiency

Because our solution monitors energy use across the entire Glasgow City Council estate, energy efficiency at different sites can be compared. That insight allows for the development of effective energy reduction strategies through the examination of overall patterns of equipment use as well as the efficiency of each device.

Policy adaptation

Glasgow’s Energy ICT experience has allowed them to constantly review ICT policies in terms of energy impact. In the schools, for example, we’ve been able to differentiate access to the system outside of term time. So the policy has been adapted to give students and staff easy access to devices while managing and reducing running costs.

We’ve also adapted software update policies as the system can ‘wake up’ machines as required for software updates and patches.

A partnership approach

From initial engagement through to evaluation, our close partnership approach has helped Glasgow City Council to improve their management of energy across their ICT estate. While they’ve enjoyed a strong return on investment, they’ve also cut their carbon footprint and identified invaluable insight right down to individual device level.

“The software promised a lot and is delivering on those promises. The energy savings and associated CO2 savings speak for themselves. The Cisco software has opened up a number of opportunities for integration with other building systems. This allows for detailed analysis and therefore more focused and effective building management. All of which contribute to Glasgow becoming a smart, sustainable future city.”

Andrew Mouat, Principal Officer for Carbon Management at Glasgow City Council

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