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As Building Energy Management Systems have developed and grown over the years, their capabilities have extended into areas that would once have seemed impossible. Nowadays, BEMS is an essential and exciting part of building design and operation – and it’s a vital area that building operators need to get right.

SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions is one of the most experienced players in the BEMS market and we have the scale and the expertise to deliver projects of any size on time and on budget.

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Our solutions

Complete solutions for your entire built estate

SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions is a key player in the UK’s building energy management sector. Our extensive resources and national coverage make us ideally positioned to take on even the largest BEMS projects.

Our UK-based Energy Management Centre is one of the largest and most successful in the country and constantly monitors and manages a wide range of complex estates around the country. We also have a national network of engineers and technicians and a dedicated energy optimisation team with access to the resources required to monitor and maintain your buildings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Our expertise also ensures that we can thoroughly evaluate your entire built estate and design a leading-edge, future-proof building management system that protects your investment in legacy systems while delivering the highest level of modern controls.

Exceptional expertise

Our breadth of technical expertise covers all the main BEMS platforms in the UK, including Siemens, Trend, Johnsons, and Tridium systems – all of which can be controlled remotely from our state-of-the-art Energy Management Centre. If you don’t see your system in this list please feel free to give us a call to check whether or not we can support it as we try and take a product agnostic approach wherever possible.

We are one of the largest Trend Technology Centres in the UK and have an extensive network of trained engineers including many Trend Experts who are fully qualified to deliver your needs.

We also utilise the world-beating integration capabilities of the Tridium Niagara platform, delivered through our regional offices with experienced central support from our in-house experts and from Tridium themselves.

We’re a Siemens Expert Partner, with direct access to technical support from Siemens Building Technologies USA. We also have Apogee trained engineers and are the only UK company licensed to use Apogee software tools to offer software patches and upgrades and firmware upgrades. See our technical page for further details of our product and solution capabilities.

Our background in mechanical and electrical engineering also ensures we can deliver even the most complex installations to the highest standards and to meet all building and safety regulations.

Is your current BEMS up to standard?

We offer a free assessment of your existing BEMS system compared to BS EN 15232. The BS EN 15232 standard can be used to measure the impact of your BEMS on the energy efficiency of your buildings. A system that meets the energy efficiency class A for example, states that energy savings in office spaces can be up to 30% better than the standard class C. This information can be used to look at the potential payback of a proposed system and can also be used to assess an existing system.

Maximising your return on investment

By optimising energy usage, we can help you reduce your energy bills. These savings can quickly repay your investment in upgrades and ongoing energy management and can make a long-term direct impact on your bottom line.

But the benefits don’t stop at cost savings. Intelligent building control helps to regulate lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation – and that can improve user experience and productivity. Building Energy Management is also a clear commitment to sustainability, helping to you reduce your carbon footprint and improve your reputation for social responsibility.

Our integrated systems also improve operational efficiency. Because your building’s data can be monitored from a remote location, it minimises disruption for your staff while approximately 85% of issues can also be fixed remotely. Data analysis also improves awareness of the performance of plant, machinery and network-connected devices. This allows for early diagnosis of faults and reduces the risk of expensive failures and downtime.

An efficient management system also comes with vital alarm management, meaning fast response to key system alarms and dramatically improving business resilience. Your Building Energy Management System also generates the information you need to plan equipment upgrades, develop improved working practices and to extend equipment life cycles.

Our purpose written event handling software allows us to use industry rules to filter out nuisance alarms whilst your system is running. These rules can be taken from our library or written exclusively for your needs. By intelligently categorising your alarms we can drive efficiencies in labour utilisation and skillset identification.

Improved business performance and energy savings

Energy is a major business expense. In fact, it’s usually the third most expensive cost centre after people and property. So it’s vitally important that your buildings are optimised to use energy as efficiently as possible.

By optimising plant and equipment (and how it all works together) across your entire estate, we can help you to achieve significant reductions in costs. At the same time, you’ll gain from improvements to staff comfort, wellbeing and working conditions.

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