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With over 50 project and contract managers supported by a national network of more than 140 engineers, SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions offers unparalleled levels of expertise. Our technical team ensures that we can offer our customers world-class solutions at the leading edge of our sector with full remote monitoring and control from our state-of-the art Energy Management Centre.

Siemens Expert Partner

We’re a Siemens Expert Partner having demonstrated and documented our integration capabilities and our expertise within energy and IT environments. This includes critical environments like pharmaceutical projects and data centers.

Our engineering teams are fully trained in Siemens’ various BEMS products including the very latest Desigo CC™ building management platform which is capable of handling a lot more than energy management. It’s the first-ever management platform of its kind to integrate all disciplines of a building – from building automation to fire safety and security.

This holistic approach enables customers to visualise bottlenecks in different disciplines in real time, to create synergies and to reduce costs. We can offer complete new design solutions using Desigo CC and retrofit it to upgrade the control of legacy systems.

Desigo CC benefits

• Full integration capability
• Building comfort controls – power management, heating and cooling, air handling, lighting shading
• Security – access, video, intrusion
• Safety – mass notification capability
• Remote access to the management station with no reduction in functionality, what can be done locally can be done remotely
• Comprehensive trending package allows users to track the environmental and energy performance of their building.
• Graphics package with capability of customised images and enhanced visualisation experience
• Fast treatment for alarm management, will direct user to the affected plant item on the first listed graphic page
• Fully tested management station that complies with industry IT security standards.

Desigo Insight

The Desigo insight workstation is fully supported by our network of trained engineers and we can offer full design, installation, commissioning and support across the complete range of complimentary products such as PX and the compact range of controllers.
Our in-house software development team has written many Desigo-specific applications that complement the system’s excellent features and help give greater visibility to data from the connected networks.

This product has now entered into its service phase and we can help you manage a seamless migration to the latest Desigo CC product.


We’ve installed Apogee control solutions across a range of business sectors including government, retail, office buildings, pharmaceutical, hospitals, manufacturing and media. We can work on both large and small projects and have experience of 1 to 300+ controller systems.

Across our business we have 25 trained Apogee engineers and over 25 years’ experience of installation and support. We have direct Technical Support from Siemens Building Technologies in the USA and we are the only company in the UK licensed to use Apogee software tools to offer software patches and upgrades and firmware upgrades.

Because of our in-depth knowledge of the Apogee system we can protect the past and improve the future by being able to fast forward migration of older controller panels such as MBC/MEC to the new Apogee PXC controllers. These migration paths are fully supported with backward compatibility for existing hardware.


We have 10 Niagara certified engineers, and we’ve installed over 1,500 Niagara units across the UK.

The Tridium Niagara Framework® is quickly becoming one of the key operating systems of the Internet of Things. It connects and translates data from nearly any device or system—managing and optimising performance from buildings to factories to cities and beyond.

The Niagara Framework® connects the enterprise to provide better energy management, enhanced security, operational excellence, lower costs and end-to-end efficiency across multiple industries.

Niagara provides an advanced user interface which is both intuitive and customisable. It delivers data at your fingertips to find, visualise and control your operations while offering powerful security, development and support. It also offers easy integration and device management.

Legacy and Service Phase Systems: Integral AS1000/VISONIK

These products are all part of the Siemens (L&S, Staefa) Integral system. The Integral system was released into the market in 1987 but was phased out more than eight years ago. The service and support period ended in 2013. These systems can pose challenges when engineers with the requisite skills needed to correct system issues.

We can support the retired AS1000 (Staefa) and Visonik (Landis & Gyr) range of controls and their ancillary control devices. Our engineers have been trained on these BEMS systems and we still maintain the tools and software to support these products.

In the UK we currently maintain these systems for various customers. Should a component of one of these systems suffer an unrecoverable failure we can also suggest migration paths to current products to ensure that the system operation is maintained with minimal downtime or disruption.


We have over 15 Trend experts within our business, giving you the security of a fully-trained and qualified team working on your system.

The Trend system is extremely flexible and has just been updated over the last 18 months. The new IQ4 controllers cover a wider range of installations than previously available, from relatively small 16 point units up to 192 point controllers with a greater number of variants in between.
With this range at our disposal we are able to install and support small, single controller sites such as a small courtroom all the way up to a full University campus.

The IQ4 range uses the latest communications and networking technology but also allows users to talk to their legacy networks. Using this mix of networking technologies allows the IQ range to be fully compatible with each other, therefore it is possible to have IQ1, IQ2, IQ3 & IQ4 all communicating on the same site giving our customers the flexibility to upgrade their systems all at once or over a period of time as budgets allow.

In-house software development: Alarm Management Platform

Our in-house experts have developed an easy-to-use, web-based event and alarm handling system. It provides system wide and customisable filters to reduce nuisance alarms allowing operators to concentrate on critical alarms. It also allows users to set-up bespoke event streams provides the ability to group or target your operator team by asset category or customer/site.

It provides Service Level Agreements which can be customised by customer or site with time to breach system notification, you can get alerts when operators take ownership of sites and on login/out activities and there is automatic escalation by email, text or voice and integration to third party facility management or field service management systems.

The user interface can also be styled to the customer’s corporate branding.

Why choose us?


• SLA focused
• Web-based system; accessed anytime, anywhere
• Intuitive user interface; easy to use
• Integration to all BEMS systems including legacy systems providing driver exists for sub-system
• Increased operator throughput
• Reduction on nuisance alarms
• Automatic escalation to third-party facility management systems
• Asset alarm management
• Time to accept and time to fix SLA per customer or site
• Full audit trail


• Alerts and notifications logged to improve effectiveness
• Alarm filters to reduce alarm flooding; canceling out nuisance alarms
• Critical escalation via email, text or voice to users
• On-demand or scheduled reports
• Set-up of customisable event streams to focus operators on either asset category or group of sites
• Site heartbeats to check communication
• Add customer, site or event comments
• Team status
• Event accountability transference between users
• Out of hours SLA pausing
• White label solution

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