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Ideas at work. Essential services for business, delivered with energy.

Ideas at work. Essential services for business, delivered with energy.

Top swimmers expend a great deal of energy.
Ironically, so do swimming pools.*
People expect the showers to be hot, the air to be warm
and the pool to be just perfect.
Which leaves you with potentially costly building control challenges
– from heating water to stopping evaporation.

The London Aquatics Centre was built for major sporting events. With three pools and space for thousands of spectators, the venue’s design quality is stunning. Our Energy Solutions team (formerly BAS/ESG) was tasked with installing an equally stunning building management system.

This was a fluid project – in everything except the deadline. Working closely with the main contractor, we implemented an automatic, energy-saving system.

This provided control of heating, cooling and ventilation, critical plant monitoring and energy usage within a simple, integrated web interface which allowed full access to the complete system.

With a pool three meters deep, the London Aquatics Centre is designed for record-breaking speeds.

At SSE Energy Solutions, the depth of our experience helps us move fast too.

We’re no ordinary energy solutions provider. We’re part of one of the UK’s leading, longest-established energy companies. (The one that’s also the UK’s biggest ‘living wage’ employer.) But we’re not just concerned with producing and delivering energy efficiently. We also care about our customers using energy smartly.

Energy management is such a crucial part of responsible business practice today. It covers both financial need and environmental commitment.

* Olympic standard swimming pools must be 50m long; 25-28 °C; and with lighting levels of 1,500 lux.

At the London Aquatics Centre, our Energy Solutions team were proud to provide a range of essential services including:

  • Strategy and consultancy
  • Project management
  • Innovative technology
  • Experienced implementation

Our Energy Solutions team bring innovative, energy-saving solutions to complex building management issues. We understand that customers often need to upgrade systems without disrupting day-to-day business. Our experience helps us find the right solution, fast. And, because ‘time is money’ on any complex project, quick thinking can mean serious savings.

Working together

From experience, we also know that collaboration matters. Working closely with the full project team – that’s the best way to bring out the benefits of building management.

Uniquely, we can offer you an end-to-end solution: from optimising your energy use to regulatory compliance to day-to-day maintenance.

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