Innovative solutions and the latest BEMS technology

Leading edge support for your BEMS solutions

Thanks to our deep experience and understanding, you can rely on us to support your choices. We can provide detailed operational input that complies with regulations and helps you to produce easily-integrated, future-proof solutions on time and on budget.

Innovative, integrated BEMS solutions

Our close relationships with BEMS manufacturers ensure you can deliver leading edge solutions to your clients – often allowing us to specify products that aren’t yet available in the market and providing strong insights into future innovation.

Using remote connection to our extensive Energy Management Centre, we can ensure your systems continue to deliver optimal performance. We can also help you to deliver more than just building energy management and controls systems, by developing bespoke occupation and purpose strategies that take account of all building stakeholders.

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Your building energy management needs


A partner who can offer BEMS product and solution innovation.



Access to the latest BEMS technologies.



Assurance that recommended BEMS solutions meet building specifications and regulations.



Solutions that are future-proof and easily integrated with legacy systems.



Project delivery on time, on budget and to a high standard.


Our Solutions

Accessing the latest BEMS technologies

While we work with all the leading BEMS manufacturers, we’re a Siemens Expert Partner, with an experienced team trained in working with the latest Desigo CC™ platform.

We also have Apogee trained engineers and are the only UK company licensed to use Apogee software tools to offer software patches and upgrades and firmware upgrades. Additionally, we receive direct technical support, when required, from Siemens Building Technologies, USA.

We are one of the largest Trend Technology Centres in the UK and have an extensive network of trained engineers including many Trend experts who are fully qualified to deliver solutions for your needs.

We also utilise the world-beating integration capabilities of the Tridium Niagara platform, delivered through our regional offices with experienced central support from our in-house experts and from Tridium themselves.

See our technical page for further details of our product and solution capabilities.

Ensuring building regulatory compliance

Our background in energy, M&E, controls and product manufacture gives us a unique approach to BEMS projects. We always consider the operational state of the building in our system designs. We apply CIBSE Part F ‘Energy Efficiency in Buildings’ to ensure each design is not just the best in isolation but is also best for the building, its occupants and its intended purpose.

Our attention to detail can help you get the best results for your clients; closely reviewing the installation impact, building purpose, commissioning and handover plan, support package and maintenance strategy as integral parts of the system design.

Building operations, energy efficiency, and overall performance are at the heart of our BEMS solutions, contributing to the long-term success of a building. We also involve the building occupants and users and undertake seasonal commissioning to ensure systems and control strategies work correctly.

Our approach to the Soft Landings framework can run through your building delivery process which continues throughout the project, from inception to completion and beyond. This ensures all decisions made during the project are based on improving the operational performance of the building and meeting your client’s expectations.

Future-proofing and legacy integration

We’re well aware that your clients want to protect the BEMS investments they’ve already made. As well as offering full support for Integral, AS1000 and Visonik legacy systems, we’re working with the latest systems that can extend the lifetime value of legacy platforms.

For example, Siemens’ Desigo CC pulls together legacy systems, creating a holistic approach that allows us to visualise performance in different disciplines in real time while creating synergies and reducing costs. We’re well positioned to help you take advantage of these capabilities either in new projects or when you’re upgrading legacy systems.

The highest standards in project delivery

Having the reliable support of a financially stable FTSE 100 company is a strong attraction for the many consultants and specifiers we work with.

The scale of our resources ensures we have the time and expertise to get the management systems right for our customers and their buildings – no matter how large or small the project. Indeed, we approach all projects with the same rigor and expertise, putting the building at the heart of the solution. Whatever size of project you’re leading, you can rely on us to ensure it’s delivered on time and on budget and to the highest standards.

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