Building Energy Management Systems

Reduce costs and improve control

What’s your involvement with Building Energy Management Systems?

Effective Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) reduce costs while improving staff comfort and working conditions. Whether you’re a BEMS expert designing systems for your clients, you’re involved in system or service procurement or you’re a client looking for a complete solution, our expert team is here to help.

Energy is a major business expense

In fact, in our experience, it’s usually the third most expensive cost centre after people and property. So it’s vitally important that your buildings are optimised to use energy as efficiently as possible.

A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) can help you to achieve significant reductions in costs by optimising the building’s plant and equipment and how it all works together. At the same time you’ll gain from improvements to staff comfort and working conditions.

Our team can work with you through the design and construction phases of new buildings or major refurbishments, or we can retro-fit new management systems to existing buildings. The systems then control and monitor all the essential functions that ensure the building continues to run efficiently, safely and comfortably.

What’s more, your Building Energy Management System generates the information you need to plan even more savings through equipment upgrades, improved working practices and longer equipment life cycles.

Our breadth of technical expertise covers all the main BEMS platforms in the UK, including Siemens, Trend, Johnsons, and Tridium systems – all of which can be controlled remotely from our state-of-the-art Energy Management Centre. We also have a national network of local offices ready to respond should you ever need an engineer to visit your site.

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London centre demands world-class energy management

Originally built for the London Olympics in 2012, it has three pools and space for thousands of spectators. The venue’s design quality is stunning and it has a building energy management system to match.

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What are the benefits of a Building Energy Management System?

  • Cost reduction

    Building Energy Management Systems optimise energy usage, reduce your energy bills and make a direct impact on your bottom line.

  • Improved comfort and productivity

    Intelligent building control helps to regulate lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation, improving user experience and productivity.

  • Reputation improving

    Building Energy Management Systems are a commitment to sustainability, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your reputation for social responsibility.

  • Remote monitoring and fixing

    Your building’s data can be monitored from a remote location, minimising disruption to your staff. Approximately 85% of issues can also be fixed remotely.

  • Enhanced business intelligence

    Data analysis improves awareness of the performance of plant, machinery and network-connected devices. Early diagnosis of faults reduces the risk of expensive failures and downtime.


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