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Savings of £1m have been reached across Glasgow City Council’s building estate thanks to their partnership with SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions and the installation of smart Information and Communications Technology (ICT) energy software.

Glasgow City Council has been undertaking a major overhaul of its technology infrastructure in a bid to become one of the UK’s first ‘future cities’ and a world leader in smart technology, and SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions has played a key part in delivering this ambition.

The council contracted SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions to deploy an innovative Energy ICT solution across 19,000 ICT devices in Glasgow’s primary and secondary schools. Following a successful trial phase, we rolled out the solution to a further 11,000 ICT devices across the council’s building estate. In May 2017, the savings from the schools deployment alone have reached £1 million, 5,000 tons of CO2, and 10GWh; equivalent to the electricity needed to power 3,030 homes for a year.

Kevin Greenhorn, Managing Director of SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions, said “Glasgow is shaping the conversation when it comes to smart city technology and innovative, sustainable solutions to reducing energy consumption. By adopting a responsible and forward looking approach to their IT infrastructure, the council has optimised their technology to better use and save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and support the long term sustainability of their assets.

“The Energy ICT solution we offer businesses and the public sector is a compelling proposition with sustainability at its core. The savings in cost, energy and carbon speak for themselves and demonstrate how smart technology can revolutionise ICT infrastructure and become an important tool in minimising operational carbon footprint.”

Until recently, ICT was an underused resource in optimising energy performance because of its complex functionality, disruptive nature and potential security risks. The Cisco Energy Management system installed by SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions addresses these issues, operating as a centralised software platform with no requirement to install software on any devices and no impact on the user base. It controls ICT devices remotely by turning them on and off when not in use, or switching to hibernate or standby, and can be connected to all ICT equipment including desktop computers, monitors, laptops, routers, wireless access points, printers, copiers, telephones and other devices.

Along with the substantial energy, carbon and cost savings, the platform monitors live energy use on each device for complete transparency of ICT network usage and to record the savings delivered in carbon, energy and pounds. An ‘alert’ feature also pinpoints unusual energy usage to identify technical faults and improve performance. Using this state-of-the-art technology, energy behaviour can be analysed to inform future decision making in ICT planning and procurement.

Andrew Mouat, Glasgow City Council’s Principal Officer for Carbon Management said: “Our partnership with SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions has returned massive savings of over £1 million across 19,000 ICT assets on Glasgow City Council’s schools estate and helps us in our aim to become a world leading Future City. Smart initiatives have been implemented throughout Glasgow’s urban infrastructure in recent years, but ICT remained a complex component. With our new Energy ICT solution, we now know exactly where and how our technology assets are consuming energy.

“The software installed by SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions has allowed us to produce robust and visible reporting and assure taxpayers that their money is being used in an effective and sustainable way. In fact, the solution paid for itself within the first eight months of the trial with the cost saving freeing up funds to re-invest in the city. Of course this is not just about financial incentive, our wider goal is to achieve a 30% reduction in Glasgow’s carbon emissions between now and 2021 and do our part in the fight against climate change.”

Want to find out how Energy ICT could help your business? We offer a free one month trial to give you an accurate measurement of the savings that you can achieve.

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