What you don’t know you can’t change. That’s the fundamental principle behind the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, and at SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions we think qualifying companies should embrace the opportunities that the scheme provides.

As a business leader, you can look at ESOS in two ways: as a simple compliance exercise, or a genuine opportunity to make significant savings and put your energy management on a new strategic footing.

While the costs of compliance may be the same whichever approach you take, not all providers are committed – or able – to help you take ESOS to the next level.

Who needs to comply?

The ESOS criteria defines a large business as one that employs 250 or more people, or has an annual turnover of more than £38.9m and an annual balance sheet over £33.5m. The same criteria applies to the UK arms of international companies.

ESOS is mandatory for around 10,000 private sector businesses in the UK, and all those businesses need to record and report 12 months of energy data for buildings, transport, and industrial activities. All assessments must include full-costed recommendations to reduce energy usage and improve efficiency.

The Phase 2 deadline is 5 December 2019 – meaning you can start working on your energy audits now, and you can begin collecting the data for your total energy consumption at the beginning of 2018.

Your compliance submission must be signed off by a qualified Lead Assessor* and at least one director of the company.

Get it done – and get it done right

When the Environment Agency audited a sample of Phase 1 submissions, only 16% were found to be fully compliant: a further 75% were compliant after remedial actions. Hundreds of enforcement notices have been served against organisations that failed to comply with Phase 1, were late with their submission, or wrongly assessed themselves as ineligible.

The best way to ensure your ESOS Assessment is fully compliant is to select an experienced provider like SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions, with the right skills and competences for every stage of the process.

A trusted partner

All our Lead Assessors are qualified through professional bodies approved by the Environment Agency, and our energy audits are to British and international standards (BS EN 16247 and ISO 50002). We have the resources, experience and scale to ensure even the largest and most complex organisations comply with ESOS guidelines, and the advantage of being a national service with eight regional centres spread across the country.

ESOS assessments must be fully costed in terms of capital outlay and potential savings. The SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions team can give you access to the full range of skills, experience and resources available across the SSE group. Our energy optimisation experts can implement your ESOS recommendations in full, including designing and installing building energy management monitoring and controls.

ESOS compliance from SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions can be the first step towards transforming how your business uses energy – giving you a level of detail that empowers managers to make the business case for short and long term energy saving investments.

Act now

Who better to conduct your audits and prepare your report than one of the UK’s leading providers of energy strategy and optimisation services?

The scale of ESOS and the fact that large companies are involved has attracted a lot of interest from consultancies in the energy sector and related fields, but despite the plethora of services on offer, the most experienced ESOS lead assessors are in short supply.

ESOS phase 2 has already begun, so there’s nothing to stop you beginning your energy audit right now, and implementing your energy savings recommendations as soon as they become known.

Start now, and you’ll have access to top level teams such as SSE Energy Enterprise Solutions. Leave it too long and you may have much less choice.

*If you have an ISO 50001 energy management system that covers all your energy use, this counts as your ESOS assessment and you do not need a Lead Assessor.



Energy Optimisation Director Eunice will ensure that her team delivers a full range of first class energy optimisation services to help your organisation reduce its energy consumption while maintaining operational standards. With over a decade of energy management experience, Eunice is a Chartered Energy Manager, ESOS Lead Assessor and a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional; you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

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