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Since recently joining SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions and coming from a background in Facilities Management (FM) it’s clear to me (with some experience, and now a view from both sides of the table) that with the advent of connected buildings, Facilities Managers will need support.

They’ll need backup to develop their technology skills, so that they and their clients can understand and benefit from the next big things in Building Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (ioT), etc.

Data alone is not enough

Shortly, almost every system in modern connected buildings will produce data. ‘Big Data’ is a term we will all become familiar with and it’s clear to me that the balance between data available/produced and the resources required to interrogate and drive value from this data, must result in a commercial advantage – whether the Facilities Manager is in-house or an external contractor.

Everything’s interconnected

IoT platforms function and deliver intelligence and data using a variety of sensors. They collect data, pushing it and sharing it with a whole network of connected devices. All this collected data makes it possible for devices to autonomously function and share information with one another – improving their effectiveness and functionality, and making buildings and processes smart.

Seeing returns

What I see at SSE is us working with global ICT companies and leading BEMS manufacturers to simplify the platform and interface requirements which will allow integration with all building systems such as lighting control, access control, security, lifts, footfall/occupancy, room booking, etc. It’s forecasted that businesses that invest in Operational Technology alignment will be able to introduce leaner processes such as condition-based maintenance – leading to reduced operating costs and a myriad of staff cost paybacks through operational efficiency. Being able to manage occupancy and capacity through real-time insights can significantly reduce running costs. Whether this is through effective facilities management, new ways of working, hot-desking or increased energy efficiency or energy and space optimisation; it will be a key requirement in smart buildings.

Giving businesses the support they need

BEMS companies must have the resources to manage the initial data upload and the experience of refining this into commercially sized databases. At SSE we are ideally placed with both the means and the technology to support Facilities and Building Managers as they take advantage of the new possibilities.

Our website tells you more, so please have a read and get in touch if you’d like to talk about how we can help.



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